Studio Policies

Studio Rules


Studio rules are posted in the studio. Safety is our highest priority, and we ask that all students and parents adhere to these rules. When possible, we could also use help from parents enforcing these rules as well.

  • No running in the studio. This includes students and siblings!
  • Students may not wait in the parking lot or anywhere outside the ADU studio for pick-up. All students must wait indoors until their ride has arrived.
  • Students should not enter the studios until directed by the instructor.
  • Non-students are never allowed in the studios except during specified observation times.
  • Students may not hang on the ballet barres.
  • No chewing gum.
  • Food or drinks are allowed in the snack area only.
  • Proper dress is required for class.


  • Students should not be left unattended in lobby.
  • Siblings of students must be supervised at all times and need to adhere to the studio rules
  • No profanity.
  • Parent Observation allowed only on specified days or at teacher's discretion.
  • No touching or banging the mirrors.
  • Do not touch or play with the stereo equipment.
  • No one is allowed in office.
  • No one is allowed in private office without the permission of Alette or Ursula.
  • Do not call instructors at home.

Dress Code



  • Students must wear proper dance clothes to class. These include leotard, tights, jazz pants, etc. Students may wear any color or style of dance clothes, but no t-shirts, shorts, or baggy street clothes are accepted.
  • Pink tights are required for all female Junior level and above Ballet classes. All female students should wear tights for all classes.
  • Students must have their hair pulled up and away from their face in a neat and secure style (i.e. ponytail or bun.) If their hair is long enough for a ponytail, then it must be in one. If their pony tail is long and interferes with a students dancing then it must be secured.
  • Male students may wear exercise attire which includes elastic waist shorts or sweats.

Purchase Shoes & Attire

Shoe Requirements

Students must have the appropriate color shoes by April 2022, which is before Picture Day and Recital.

Shoes and attires may be purchased at:


TUTU'S Dance Boutique

9700 Kingston Pike, Knoxville 37922

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm

You may also purchase shoes and attire online at the following sites for proper fit, prior to ordering we recommend trying on the sample sizes we have available in the office, just ask our office managers.


*Please note that ballet and jazz shoes should fit feet like a glove. Leather shoes will stretch 1/2 a size .For your online ordering convenience we have try on sizes of ballet, jazz & tap shoes available in the office.

Lyrical & Contemporary

Junior 1/2/3, Teen, Intermediate & Senior)


Ages 3, 4/5, 6/7, Junior 1/2/3, Teen, Intermediate & senior

Pink split sole or full sole leather ballet shoes. Capezio is recommended brand.

Capezio Foot undeez style # H07(adult)  # H07C(child).


Pre hiphop, Junior 1/2/3, Teen, Intermediate & Senior


Pre Jazz, Junior Jazz 1/2/3, Teen, Intermediate & senior

Capezio slip on jazz shoes. Caramel color style #EJ2 (adult) #EJ2C (child).

Any full heel sneaker, everyday lace up sneaker, or dance sneaker.  All hip hop classes will be required to buy shoes that match their costume at a later date.

Male Students

All Ages/Levels


Ages 3, 4/5, 6/7, Junior 1/2/3

Capezio Mary Jane tap shoe. Caramel color. Style #3800 (adult) #3800C (child).

Capezio Mary Jane tap shoe. Caramel color. Style #3800 (adult) #3800C (child).

Dance Company

All Levels



Capezio black leather lace up split sole or full sole tap shoes.

Shoes to be determined depending on costume choices.


All ages & levels

No shoes required. Barefeet only for class.

In order to prevent confusion for you or your child, here are some basic guidelines for clothing expectations when your child arrives for class.


Dancers cannot improve if they are not in class. Unplanned conflicts are a part of life, but excessive absences interrupt the learning process. Therefore, we ask that attending classes be a priority in your family.


Regardless of missed class time, tuition is due and there will be no make-up classes or refunds offered for classes missed


In the event a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or an instructor’s absence, a make- up lesson will be offered.

Parent Observation

At ADU, we believe in fostering a productive learning environment.

 We offer two scheduled Parent Observation weeks when parents are invited to observe their dancers in the classroom, as well as closed circuit viewing monitors so you can watch your child practice in the studio while you relax in the lobby.



In East Tennessee, weather is going to be an issue at times. Here’s what you need to know.


In the case of inclement weather, please call the studio. We will leave a message regarding closing by 2:00pm. Please note the studio may not close based on school closings if the weather has improved throughout the day.


In the rare case we are forced to close, accounts will also be notified by email and information will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Any classes missed for inclement weather will be made up in the spring.

Inclement Weather



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